Glass and Mirror

Transform your bathroom into something unique with the timeless elegance of a frameless shower door.

Glass & Mirror

Experience infinite reflections of beauty in one of our custom mirrors, fit for any room.

Our mirrors are cut to size and finished with either, beveled or rounded edges.

Whether you need an elegant clear glass tabletop or mirrors with custom frames; our perfect fit, polished glass is the clear choice.

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom

We pride ourselves on highly experienced and trained technical staff that guarantee premium quality installations. Execution at its best.


We pride ourselves on highly experienced and trained technical staff that guarantee premium quality installations. Execution at its best.

Installation by Our Team

Measure twice. Cut once. Our installation teams know the drill. That is why whenever you buy a custom shower door from us, you get free measurement and expert installation service, plus a flawless finish that is guaranteed to impress.

DIY Installation

We recommend that you have your new mirror installed by an experienced professional. However, should you wish to do it yourself, we will supply instructions to guide you through the process, step by step.